Mahābhūta / महाभूत

The subtle constituents of matter

The ancient Indian sages postulated that all physical things are constituted of five subtle elements called Pancha-Mahabhutas (5 Elements)

Akasha (Ether);
Vayu (Air);
Agni (Fire);
Apas (Water);
Prithvi (Earth);

These elements, however, have a higher connotation than constituting the conventional elements of nature. These represent subtle conditions of material energy, which together create the perception of forms which can be sensed by the human mind. This abstract series visually portrays the various combination of these subtle elements that construct the matter leading to sensible experience; the sense of sound, touch, sight, taste and smell. All of the aforementioned are essentially a response to vibratory contacts between various forces. These are a collection of photos of texture and patterns seen in the most common places, but usually unnoticed.